Who Is Tiffany Fred...

Tiffany Don't promo 03.jpg

Tiffany Fred, born December 24, 1986 in Madrid, Spain and raised in Sicklerville, NJ, has established herself as powerhouse amongst the who’s who in the music industry as an Award winning songwriter, penning hit records for the likes of, Zendaya, Tamar Braxton and Jason Derulo. Her hard work paid off in the form of a Grammy, which she won for her contributions on Jennifer Hudson’s 2009, self titled album, then with another nomination in 2014 for Fantasia’s “Side Effects Of You”.

After penning the words that put other artists’ names in lights, Tiffany has begun using her gift to manifest her own dreams. With tons of songs already written, the first series, was an ode to one of Tiffany’s favorite artists, Drake. This 7 song EP, also named after the Toronto rapper is a jazzy sultry take on the Drake records that resonated with her the most. Now Tiffany has released her latest single "Don't",  from her upcoming LP, "Thirty".